Offer Indian Clients Domestic Electronic Parts

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Offer Indian Clients Domestic Electronic Parts

VIDEOCON is a renowned Indian white goods manufacturer, with its sales network covering all corners of India and all its electronic parts related to the production purchased from China.


Before cooperation with ADP, they make payment in this manner – Indian parties transfer to the Hong Kong accounts of all suppliers, or a major supply chain company in Hong Kong is asked for collective arrangement; direct payment to domestic party is allowed only when there’re major suppliers available in China. Thus, it takes a plenty of work for them to prepare the contract. Orders shall be placed in batch if there’re many purchase suppliers. Also, it makes the payment a rather complicated procedure.


ADP offers the following services according to the clients’ demands:

1,VIDEOCON gives the list of procurement to ADP. Both parties agree on an exchange rate. ADP signs the procurement contract with VIDEOCON with the price proposed by the client. VIDEOCON then issues a 180-day usance L/C;


2,According to the procurement demands of VIDEOCON, ADP signs contracts with different product suppliers to settle the procurement price in RMB, and makes agreement based on special requirements and delivery date of VIDEOCON;


3,Upon receiving the L/C issued by VIDEOCON, ADP immediately arranges for the advanced payment to the supplier;


4,Before the delivery, ADP collaborates with VIDEOCON for acceptance of the goods in the factory. Upon passing of the acceptance, ADP arranges for payment of the remaining part to the supplier;


5,Upon the shipment, ADP hands the whole set of documents to the foreign-funded bank, arranges for relevant export financing, and conducts relevant risk control according to the fluctuation of the foreign exchange rate. The document is presented in the Forfeiting Mode to control the collection risk.


The services offered by ADP effectively address the difficulties in financing by the client, truly enhance the efficiency of overseas procurement, lower the procurement cost of foreign clients, and guarantee the timeliness of goods delivery through professional logistics service offered by ADP!

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